Our services include the best mobile dog grooming including the hydrobath, brushing, detangling, nail trims and even hair cutting or trims. Anything you would expect from a regular professional dog grooming salon, we can do but we do it in your driveway at your convenience. We take the salon experience and eliminate a lot of the less pleasant aspects of it. If your dog could talk, he would tell all his friends about it.

  1. Hydrobath (warm water) and blow dry
  2. Flea or natural shampoo
  3. Eyes and ears cleaned
  4. Tidy  up ( clipping of face, feet, belly and bottom)
  5. Nail trimmed
  6. Full grooming ( full body clip and all the service above)

Any dog breed and size , working 7 days from 9:00am to 8:00pm.

Poodle getting groomed

Getting Started with Mobile Dog Washing

From the moment you book your appointment, we want you to feel like you have made the right decision for your dog. It goes far beyond just cheap dog grooming or a quick dunk in the tub. Mobile dog washing is a full-service business and does not skimp on anything. Your dog will be given a bath that is both powerful enough to get him thoroughly clean no matter how thick or long his coat is but gentle enough not to harm his delicate skin. The water will be pleasantly warm from start to finish and every bath starts with fresh water.

Next, our dog grooming service will trim your dog’s nails and will give him a haircut as requested. If needed, the hair around and between his toes will be trimmed as will the hair in his ears. He doesn’t need to walk around like Great Uncle Harry, does he? His coat will be brushed again to make sure that he doesn’t have any loose hairs left and then he will be given a spray of doggy cologne so that he smells super clean and fresh. A quick pat on the head, a reward for his patience and your doggy is good to go.

Anything that you would request at a regular dog grooming service you can request with us. Our vans are completely outfitted with everything that we could possibly need to give your dog the spa treatment without leaving home.

Requesting the Service of Mobile Dog Grooming

With extended availability and flexibility, getting your appointment is super simple and takes only minutes. Whether you call or go online, you can get the appointment time that you need. Don’t stress about trying to load your dog in your car because we come to you. No need to worry about how your dog will behave when faced with that snappy Schnauzer down the street because he will be the only dog in our van for the entire time he is getting groomed. He will be treated to a bath, brushing and other treatments with all attention lavished directly and solely on him. Ha! Take that, Schnauzer!

Everyone who handles your dog will not only be trained and experienced but will have a great affection for dogs. Face it, you can’t really make a living of bathing doggies if you don’t care for them, right?

Beyond Bathing

In addition to washing your dog, ask about additional services that include pet sitting or dog walking which is perfect for those days when you know that you are not going to be able to get him the exercise and outdoor time he needs. This service is also perfect for when you are recovering from an illness or injury.

We Care About the Environment

We use environmentally safe products and techniques with every service. Our special circulation pumps allow us to use far less water than you would while bathing your dog in your home bath or with a hose outdoors. Our products are also safe for your pets. We only use the best quality products for our skin and hair care products.

Everything we do for your pet will leave him happier and healthier with less stress on you. Let us provide him with spa quality treatments and you will see how simple pampering your dog can be.

What Can A Mobile Dog Grooming Do For Your Pet?

They can do everything that a grooming salon can, and you can have your dog’s fur styled any way that you want. Here’s what else a mobile dog groomer can do for your pet:

  • Mobile grooming can help to prevent fleas and ticks, and this can ensure that you and your dog are as comfortable as possible. Also, the removal of fleas and ticks can help to reduce the risk of health problems for your dog as well as for humans in the house. Not only can bathing wash off pests, but we can use shampoos that repel insects, such as ticks and fleas!Australian summers can be scorching, and this is especially true for our canine friends due to their thick fur. Mobile grooming can ensure that your pet remains as cool as possible.
  • You can get your dog a hydrobath, and this technology helps to keep your four-legged friend as clean as possible! Not only do our hydrobath services ensure that your dog stays clean, but the technology is designed to minimize water use. This is better for the environment.
  • Getting your dog regularly groomed by us can ensure that your pet remains healthy, and bathing is thought to improve circulation.
  • Having your dog groomed regularly can help to ensure that signs of potential health problems are noticed, such as cuts, swelling, or changes in temperament. Furthermore, grooming can reduce your dog’s risk of thrush, scratches, and a variety of other skin issues.
  • We offer full grooms and mini-grooms.
  • Getting your dog groomed can help to keep his or her teeth healthy, and we offer excellent canine tooth cleaning services.
  • It’s possible to do things that will keep your dog’s coat healthy anytime, and we will be able to provide you with advice on how you can help to keep your dog clean and looking great in between grooming sessions.
  • We can trim your dog’s nails, and this will make them less likely to scratch surfaces. In addition, you won’t have to worry about your dog scratching you when he or she puts their paws on your skin.
  • If you prefer to use organic, natural shampoos, we have a selection of these products that you can choose from.
  • After your dog is done being washed, we’ll blow dry them, and this helps to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.
  • We’re able to groom dogs both indoors and outdoors.
  • We’ll clean your dog’s eyes and ears, and this can help to keep your pet healthy.